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Project:M Ambassadors

It’s our obligation as Microsofters to empower others by sharing our knowledge, expertise & accomplishments gained over the years. Project M connects the professional community with Microsofters - if you are looking for an expert, speaker, judge, or mentor for a professional event - this is the place for you.
Project M connects between the professional community and Microsofter’s, if you are looking for an expert for a professional event , this is the place for you.
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Abed Asi profile picture
Abed Asi
Senior Applied Researcher, AI for Sales, Dynamics 365
Ady Mor-Biran profile picture
Ady Mor-Biran
Garage Lead
Amit Svarzenberg profile picture
Amit Svarzenberg
Microsoft For Startups CTO
Anton Fritz profile picture
Anton Fritz
Senior Program Manager, PowerBI
Ariel Negrin profile picture
Ariel Negrin
Enterprise Partner Manager & Industry Expert
Asaf Nakash profile picture
Asaf Nakash
Senior Program Manager - Azure Information Protection
Avi Neeman profile picture
Avi Neeman
Senior Product Designer
Ben Haklai profile picture
Ben Haklai
Commercial Legal Lead
Boaz Sapir profile picture
Boaz Sapir
Head of Product, MS Search Assistant & Intelligence
Dikla Dotan-Cohen profile picture
Dikla Dotan-Cohen
Principal Research Manager, MS Search Assistant & Intelligence
Dror Cohen profile picture
Dror Cohen
Principal Software Engineering Manager, Azure IoT security
Elad Yom-Tov profile picture
Elad Yom-Tov
Senior Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research
Eli Afengar profile picture
Eli Afengar
Principal Cloud Solutions Architect
Eli Koreh profile picture
Eli Koreh
Group Engineer Manager, Azure Security Center
Eran Yariv profile picture
Eran Yariv
Partner Group Engineering Manager, MS Search Assistant & Intelligence
Evgeny Lutsky profile picture
Evgeny Lutsky
SRE Research Enablement, Experience and ML team leader
Eyal Carmel profile picture
Eyal Carmel
Partner Group Manager, Power BI
Gal Schreiber Motola profile picture
Gal Schreiber Motola
Cloud Platform Marketing Manager
Gilad Elyashar profile picture
Gilad Elyashar
Head of Product Management, Azure Security Center
Gilad Levy profile picture
Gilad Levy
Principal Software Engineer, Azure Log Analytics
Hadar Feldman profile picture
Hadar Feldman
Security Program Manager Team Lead
Idit Gazit Berger profile picture
Idit Gazit Berger
Technical Director, MEA One Commercial Partner
Ido Frizler profile picture
Ido Frizler
Director of Engineering, Azure Networking
Ido Katz profile picture
Ido Katz
Industry Executive, Defense Sector
Ido Shinberger-Ziv profile picture
Ido Shinberger-Ziv
Social Responsibility Manager
Jumana Hakim profile picture
Jumana Hakim
D&I Communities Manager and Project North Leader
Koby Koren profile picture
Koby Koren
Senior Product Team Lead, Azure Sentinel
Koby Mymon profile picture
Koby Mymon
Data Analyst, C+AI Product Strategy
Lior Becker profile picture
Lior Becker
Principal Security Engineering Manager, Azure Security Center
Meirav Feiler profile picture
Meirav Feiler
Principal Group Engineering Manager, GitHub
Meital Shamia profile picture
Meital Shamia
Global Lead of Microsoft For Startups Programs
Meital Taran- Gutman profile picture
Meital Taran- Gutman
Product Manager Lead, Azure Security Center
Moran Haviv profile picture
Moran Haviv
Strategic Innovation & EcoSystem CTO Office
Nimrod Gal-Oz profile picture
Nimrod Gal-Oz
Engineering Manager, Power Query/M and Dataflows
Nir Boger profile picture
Nir Boger
Senior Software Engineer, Azure Data Explorer
Nir Levy profile picture
Nir Levy
Incubation Lead, Azure Academia
Oren Elisha profile picture
Oren Elisha
Principal Scientist Manager, ILDC Incubation
Oren Ryngler profile picture
Oren Ryngler
CPO & GM, Microsoft Dynamics 365
Ori Ziv profile picture
Ori Ziv
Principal Engineering Manager, Azure Video Analyzer for Media
Oron Golan profile picture
Oron Golan
Senior SRE - Infra Kubernetes, Microsoft Defense Advance Treat Protection
Polina Poltoren profile picture
Polina Poltoren
Product Designer
Ranin Salameh profile picture
Ranin Salameh
Senior Product Manager, Power BI PaaS Team
Raz Bachar profile picture
Raz Bachar
Managing Director (Israel) & Global Lead for Emerging Technologies , Microsoft For Startups
Roee Oz profile picture
Roee Oz
Software Engineering Group Manager, Enterprise Protection & Detection
Roni Karassik profile picture
Roni Karassik
Group Program Manager, Business Solutions for FSI and Customer Engagement
Sally Katz profile picture
Sally Katz
Global Customer Success Leader
Samer Aamar profile picture
Samer Aamar
Senior Software Engineer and Data Scientist, Dynamics365 Recommendation
Shani Berkovich profile picture
Shani Berkovich
SR. Engagement Marketing Manager/Experience Expert
Shimi Ezra profile picture
Shimi Ezra
Software Engineering Group Manager, Enterprise Protection & Detection
Shiri Hochhauser profile picture
Shiri Hochhauser
Senior ISV & Startup Technology Strategist
Snir Levy profile picture
Snir Levy
Business development manager, Strategic ISV Lead, Azure MEA
Tal Aviv profile picture
Tal Aviv
Senior Data & Applied Scientist, Surface
Tal Baumel profile picture
Tal Baumel
Senior Applied Researcher, Dynamics 365 for Sales
Tamer Salman profile picture
Tamer Salman
Principal Research Manager, Azure Security
Tor Tsuk profile picture
Tor Tsuk
Business Manager (Chief of Staff) , Azure Marketplace & Ecosystem
Yoav Daniely profile picture
Yoav Daniely
Cloud Security Visionary
Yonit Hoffman profile picture
Yonit Hoffman
Senior Data Science Team Lead