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Tor Tsuk
Business Manager (Chief of Staff) , Azure Marketplace & Ecosystem
Building bridges between startups and corporates by finding mutual wins
Meet Tor! A self-confessed multi-disciplinarian, Tor has vast experience working with startups, corporations, and governments, in Israel and the U.S. Here in Microsoft, she mentors startups in various growth stages, developing Go-To-Market plans using Microsoft partner programs with strategic consumer and commercial partners. When designing and implementing work plans, and goals, Tor prefers the OKR and GTD methodologies and other acronyms that help bring order to chaos. But during her off-time, she enjoys jogging, swimming, and baking. In her weekly podcast, ReOrg, Tor likes to delve into her favorite topics – technology and its social, cultural, and economic effect on everyday lives, with a special emphasis on organizational culture, labor laws, and ethics. Check it out!
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