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Koby Mymon
Data Analyst, C+AI Product Strategy
Head of GLEAM, empowering LGBT at Microsoft Israel
Meet Koby! A Data Analyst with expertise in Security and Power BI and a top LGBT leader who changes the world. Koby has been passionately working for LGBT, equal rights and diversity in various ways including serving the Head of GLEAM, a scholarship program with organizations for the Transgender community giving Transgender people the opportunity to contribute in any field including Medical, Film, Law, assistance with aptitude exams and academic bureaucracies. Koby believes in diversity in the workplace and having a wide ray of opinions, thoughts, and visions can lead to ultimate success. He loves to lecture on the subject and share his knowledge of expertise and support. Koby is also a professional ballet dancer with ten years of experience and enjoys Pilates and Yoga. Koby is a real thought leader, Bravo!
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