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X Speaking in conferences
X Mentoring startups
X Expert panels
X Hackathons and school events
X Leading training & workshops
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Tal Aviv profile picture
Speaking History:
Tal Aviv
Senior Data & Applied Scientist, Surface
A data scientist focused on Human-Computer Interaction
Meet Tal! A Data Scientist who applies data-driven approaches to improve the human-computer experience on Microsoft Surface devices,. Tal has over 10 years of industry experience, in both startup and corporate. He is highly experienced in formulation of tough problems as scientific challenges and seeing through a complete cycle of applied scientific research, and development of complex SW/HW systems. Tal enjoys self-learning, tutoring, and mentoring. He's very passionate about urban planning (especially when it’s data-driven!), racing cars, and building bots, to aid in one of life’s real pains – apartment hunting in Tel Aviv.
Speaking History: