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Ido Frizler
Director of Engineering, Azure Networking
Delivering world-class network security, SDN, and host networking projects and services
Meet Ido Frizler! A Super talented leader in the cloud network security domain. Ido successfully navigated the journey of a successful startup acquisition, growing to become a leading enterprise-grade product while transforming its culture and retaining its talent. He then set out to build and lead the Israeli site for Azure Networking, delivering world-class network security, SDN and host networking offerings leveraging the Israeli talent and Microsoft's relative advantage, holding one of the largest, most powerful networks in the world. He is a big believer in shaping managerial principles for decision-making guidance and building a group’s culture. He is a master in building technical hiring processes that are analytical, methodical, and creating confidence and clarity in candidates' quality. Ido is also the proud winner of the ILDC Ping Pong Tournament. He and his wife who also works for Microsoft live with their two children and their dog. Who… you guessed it, also works for Microsoft. That's right, Microsoft hired a dog.
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