What We're All About 

BlueHat IL is home to the largest security research community in Israel. With a thriving local ecosystem that is globally renowned for its excellence, innovation and creativity, it comes as no surprise that Israeli companies are having a huge impact on the global state of cybersecurity. Our community has it all: industry leaders, entrepreneurs, academia, government officials, independent researchers, and hobbyists.

Behind the Scenes

BlueHat IL 2024

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BlueHat IL Nights 2023

In June 2023, we hosted the electrifying BlueHat IL Nights, our second unforgettable gathering of the year! Microsoft MSTIC's Ned Moran wowed the crowd as the keynote speaker, sharing mind-bending insights into recent Iranian cyber operations. With an ethnic atmosphere, delicious treats, and lively music on our Herzliya campus rooftop, the night was a thrilling celebration of cybersecurity excellence, sparking connections and igniting inspiration. Can't wait for more!

BlueHat IL 2023

At the end of March 2023, we were privileged to be able to gather again, in person. This time, the entire theme was Retrospective to celebrate cyber innovation with immersive experiences that took the participants on a journey through the milestones in the world of technology. We walked through the ‘Tunnel of Time’ and had the most amazing feeling of nostalgia. The participants ‘visited’ five different decades, where they were challenged with Maker’s area, six riddles, and a stirring competition. Some might share nostalgic feeling; others might be seeing things that they learned about in textbooks for the first time – it all truly came to life.

BlueHat IL Nights 2022

In June 2022, we had the privilege of hosting John Lambert for a special keynote lecture titled "Lessons from the War in Ukraine."
The entire evening, which took place on the rooftop of our Herzliya campus, was dedicated to dealing with insights into the world of security surrounding the Ukraine war. Hence, the event's entire theme showcased an Eastern European motif: the food, the drinks and, of course, the music, all had an authentic Ukrainian vibe.

BlueHat IL 2022

Took place after two years where we could not hold physical meetings due to the raging Covid pandemic. At the beginning of March 2022, we were finally able to hold our annual conference. To make it even cooler, the location was designed in an "abandoned theme park" fashion, where nature began to take over the park's rides and attractions. During the conference, participants were challenged with the task of restoring, repairing and bringing the park back to life.

Abra KadaBlue 2021

While we couldn't meet in person during the pandemic in June, we decided to hold a unique virtual online event - "The Game Changer." For 24 hours, participants could play an original game made especially for the event. To beat the game, the players had to tackle different security challenges and solve clever riddles embedded in the game's mechanism.