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Ido Shinberger-Ziv
Social Responsibility Manager
Empowering people to drive growth into their communities
Meet Ido! A former development team manager, Ido took a big leap about a year ago, moving on from the tech world to focus on social responsibility. According to Ido, awareness to social and corporate responsibility is becoming more prominent and he believes he can present and speak about how Microsoft sees it and implements it, both globally and locally. He believes his job is amazing, enabling him to assist and influence his community and environment: “make the world, or at least part of it, into a better place and ultimately – help other people, because they are the world’s most important resource”, he says. Bringing his knowledge of science and technology back to the community, Ido currently mentors a budding entrepreneur in the Appleseeds Academy, giving her advice in various issues. Besides work, Ido loves sports. In the past, he ran marathons and participated in triathlons. Currently, it’s riding and running just for fun. In addition, he meditates on a (nearly) daily basis and loves spending time with his family.
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