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Cloud App Security gives you visibility into your cloud apps including Shadow IT, provides sophisticated analytics to identify and combat cyber threats, and enables you to monitor and control your data.

Azure Security Center provides unified security management and advanced threat protection for Azure resources across hybrid cloud workloads.

Windows Defender ATP is a platform designed to help enterprise networks prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats.

Azure Advanced Threat Protection and Advanced Threat Analytics help detect attacks both in the cloud and on-premises.

Azure Information Protection part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Protection & Detection solution, is a cloud-based solution that helps an organization classify, label, and protect its documents and emails.


BlueHat IL is home to the largest Infosec community in Israel. With a thriving local ecosystem that is globally renowned for its excellence, innovation and creativity, it isn’t surprising that Israeli companies have a huge impact on cybersecurity worldwide. Our community includes industry leaders, entrepreneurs, academia, government officials, independent researchers and hobbyists.

Every year, thousands of security professionals take part in our initiatives:

BlueHat IL conference - the biggest Israeli security research conference.
BlueHat Nights - our annual summer cyber party.
BlueHat Meetup - an open stage for casual gatherings and sharing knowledge.

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Cortana IL is building Microsoft’s virtual assistant. Our team is developing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to build the best assistive experience.

Recommendations designs and builds recommendation algorithms for a wide array of Microsoft products such as Xbox Games, Office products and much more.

Media AI is developing Video Indexer, the world’s most comprehensive AI suite for extracting insights from video and audio.

MS Health builds technologies and solutions designed for the healthcare industry by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, advanced technologies, research and applied data science, and ecosystem partnerships.

Advanced Technology Lab Israel is a unique group of engineers and researchers, designing and building the future of AI EDGE devices and services, focusing on delivering new intelligent experiences, new multi-modal interfaces between machines and people and cool devices.

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Every day on the way home from work, I think about the number of wild, new things I learned.

Maya Bechler-Speicher, Software Engineer Intern

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Dynamics 365 for Sales is comprised of two teams in Israel: Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Cloud Solution supporting digital transformation of CRM and sales business processes. Dynamics 365 AI for Sales helps turning observed customer data to closed sales deals with the power of artificial intelligence.

Excel Israel is responsible for two areas:
Excel Online brings all of its functions in the convenience of a web browser. Our team in Israel is focused on building its features to meet both business and personal needs.
Get & Transform is a powerful Excel set of features that provides simple data gathering and shaping capabilities. It enables our users to connect, combine, and refine their data sources efficiently.

Power BI Embedded allows developers to easily embed stunning, fully interactive reports and visuals into their applications. It helps supercharge your applications with stunning and interactive visuals, dashboards, and reports.

Power BI on Mobile & Devices provides business users visual insights on iOS, Android, and Windows devices including Microsoft’s own HoloLens.

Power BI dataflows make it possible for business analysts and BI professionals to author and manage complex data prep tasks using familiar self-service tools, and all in one place, within Power BI. Data is stored as entities in Common Data Model-compliant folders in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, thus allowing business analysts working in Power BI to easily collaborate with data analysts, engineers, and scientists working in Azure.

OneNote Education is part of the global Microsoft Education team. Their passion and curiosity drives them to enact changes that improve student’s learning outcomes.

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It’s pretty amazing that at the Microsoft Israel R&D Center we write a few lines of code and within a matter of weeks, it’s deployed to millions of users.

Sruly Taber, Software Engineer


Azure Data Explorer (AKA Kusto) is a big data analytics platform for interactive ad-hoc queries over petabytes of big data with seconds latency. Kusto began as a grassroots incubation project at ILDC. With elite technical capabilities and customer focus, it caught broadly with many product groups across the company, grew exponentially in usage and volume, and is today the de-facto standard at Microsoft for big data interactive analytics. Recently, as part of the Azure Data Service, ADX was publicly released and available as part of Azure service, as an entirely new, cloud-native database stack. The team takes on deep challenges in computer science such as programming languages, database storage, and query optimization, ecosystem development, and data science enablement. We’re looking for developers who want to experience the culture of a successful startup in an established company that produces cutting-edge products that change the world.

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Azure Cost Management delivers a multi-cloud management solution allowing customers to monitor and optimize their cloud by identifying inefficiencies, alerting and making optimization recommendations through customer data from Azure, AWS and GCE.

Azure Monitor includes teams that work on the cutting-edge of technology:

Log Analytics provides insight for your applications running on Azure and Azure resources including VMs, Databases, Storages, containers, and others.

Smart Analytics is operating in a domain that’s commonly referred to as AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT operations) and offers customers insights about their services and applications running in Azure.

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I get up every morning and catch a ride on the shuttle to Microsoft with Assaf. It's fun to meet my friends and spend time with the most amazing people in the world.

Mika (Assaf’s Border Collie)

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Microsoft Research at the Israel R&D Center is part of a worldwide group of more than 1,000 scientists and engineers working across multiple research areas in Microsoft’s global research labs and pioneering new fronts in Machine Learning and Algorithmic Game Theory. Our application areas include Cloud Computing, Security, and Healthcare where bold ideas are in action.

Incubation works on strategic innovations and disruptive ideas that turn into new businesses and products for Microsoft. Several key products started in the Incubation lab at the R&D Center. The multi-discipline team includes engineers, data scientists, and product strategists working on dynamic projects in a start-up like an environment.  

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I love that I don’t just implement solutions - I have to find them.

Yoni Chechik, Researcher

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Surface Israel is part of the global Microsoft Surface Group who challenge the way we interact with devices, using cutting-edge technologies, from first scenario and product definition to silicon and SW development.

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At work, wherever I look there's someone I love.

Edlar Cohen, Developer

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