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The Commerce & Ecosystem (C+E) team in is dedicated to the success of our customers and partners. Our Commerce teams work to deliver a reliable commerce infrastructure for all Microsoft and partner products. Our Ecosystem teams drive discovery and awareness of Microsoft and our ecosystem of products and services. The C+E teams in Israel directly impact customers worldwide:

Engineering + Ecosystem delivers a multi-cloud management solution allowing customers to monitor & optimize their cloud.

Cloud + AI Azure Customer Growth & Analytics (Azure CGA) provides a comprehensive set of BI services, so that decisions are informed and made through data.

Startup + Partner Experience aims to win the hearts and minds of cloud innovation partners.

Student Developers empowers today’s students to become tomorrow’s developers.

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The Academia program is a partnership with top Israeli academic institutes and offer courses that take place in state-of-the-art study labs that are built and supported by Microsoft. The program also provides seminars, training sessions, and coveted job opportunities to top ranking students through our Students' Excellence Programs.


The Garage is an innovation lab that promotes creativity and growth mindset in multiple fields such as security, AI, augmented reality, among others.

This is a maker’s space, open 24/7 to empower our employees to brainstorm, experiment, create and do epic things.

We collaborate with manufacturers, healthcare providers, municipalities and educational institutes to promote advanced technologies and innovation in the Israeli ecosystem.


By Leaves We Live is an innovative mixed reality application that transforms physical architectural models into holograms. It was presented at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in collaboration with The Garage, the city of Tel Aviv and AN+.

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The Garage is more than an innovation space, here on campus. It’s a community of thousands of Microsoft employees around the globe who share a passion for creating, innovating and hacking. This is a community where you can learn from experimentation and help us apply those learnings to the rest of Microsoft.

- Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO -

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Our state-of-the-art lab is filled with lots of cool stuff:
ED printers | Laser cutting machines | CNC milling | Modelating stations | Augmented and simulated reality positions | Sewing and embroidery stations to produce wearable computing


Microsoft’s North project utilizes the strategic location of the Microsoft Israel R&D Centers in Haifa and Nazareth to help promote the northern hi-tech, innovation and entrepreneurship communities in the area, by becoming a technological hub.

The project encourages technological education, relationships with academia, and employee recruitment from the diverse northern population. We aspire towards this by challenging discourse between stakeholders who share our goal to advance the north.

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The Microsoft North Academy Meetup is a program for students, startups, engineers, and developers intended to promote technological and entrepreneurial discourse and to create networking opportunities. Microsoft also sponsors the Haifa BeerTech , an active meetup group that connects investors, employees, and entrepreneurs – all of whom also love beer.


Microsoft has a long-standing cooperation with the Technion and is a proud partner with the LAPIDIM Excellence Program. We take an active role through representation in its selection committee and by hosting chosen students in various meetings and activities offered by our prestigious Students Excellence Program. We also work with additional factions of the Technion such as the Technion's Bronica Center & Biztech program and the Knowledge Center for Innovation.


We believe diversity is a major facilitator of business success and are committed to the future of Israel's hi-tech industry. That’s why the Microsoft North project focuses on integrating Arab community academics in Israel's hi-tech community, leveraging this untapped talent pool to increase diversity and add skilled engineers. Microsoft has partnered with Ma'antech coalition, Mashve, and Na'am programs to help promote excellent Arab youths. We’re also proud to work with the Nazareth Business Incubator Center and Takwin VC to encourage entrepreneurship within the Arab community.

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