Software Engineer - Industry AI
Herzliya | Software Engineering | Mar 03, 2024 | Job number 1695382


The Industry AI team takes the lead in developing groundbreaking data, AI and LLM technologies across diverse domains and industries, collaborating with some of the largest global enterprises. By joining us you will be able to work on projects like Copilot Frameworks, Document Analysis (RAG), Meeting Preparations, Data Transformation framework and much more. 

We are a skilled and adaptable team of engineers, collaborating in harmony. We are looking for a capable and seasoned engineer, someone who can work well with others and tackle complex problems while still being flexible and nimble and able to switch between different tasks and domains. A great can-do attitude and a positive mindset is a must! 



  • Lead the development of features end-to-end spanning design, implementation, delivery, monitoring, and production support. 
  • Conduct thorough code reviews to ensure the highest level of code quality. Align design and development practices with company standards. 
  • Dive into live-site issues to ensure the availability and reliability of our solution. 
  • Collaborate closely with product managers, designers, data scientists, and other experts to drive cross-disciplinary work. 
  • Work closely across teams and disciplines to shape solutions that deliver tangible value to our customers. 
  • Continuously learn and identify areas where our team can enhance its knowledge. Become a subject matter expert and apply this expertise to elevate our work. 
  • Foster agility, innovation, and customer focus within the team. 




  • B.Sc. or higher degree in Computer Science or equivalent. 
  • 4+ years of development experience in relevant technologies (e.g. C#, Python, JS, React, cloud computing).  
  • Solid problem-solving, debugging and troubleshooting skills. 
  • Good communication, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. 
  • Strong knowledge of software development methodologies and best practices. 
  • Understand unfamiliar code bases and effectively debug both client and service-side applications. 
  • Knowledge of Azure is a plus.