If you are travelling internationally, you may need to obtain a visa to enter Israel. Please check the visa requirements by country and be sure to arrange a visa if needed.

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Airport Transportation

Tel Aviv is conveniently located about a 30-minute drive from Ben Gurion International Airport and is accessible by taxi or train. Taxi is our recommended mode of transportation for international visitors.


The taxi station and dispatcher post are in front of the Terminal on Level G, near the exit through
Gate 01.

Estimated cost: day rate - 170 ILS / night rate - 200 ILS.


A train from the Airport to "Tel Aviv - Savidor Center" station leaves every 30 min. From there, a short taxi ride is required to get to most hotels. More information about train service and times can be found on the Israel Railway website.

Estimated cost: Train ticket - 18 NIS.

Taxi from the "Tel Aviv - Savidor Central Train Station" to the city center:
day rate - 60 NIS / night rate - 80 NIS.

* Please note that the train does not operate on Friday and Saturday
** Prices are subject to change.

Hotels In Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has countless hotels of various standards and pricing to choose from.
We recommend reviewing them and checking out all the attractions the city has to offer.
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