Get ready for an exhilarating experience unlike any other! Rest assured, our tradition of pushing you to your limits and challenging your abilities remains unchanged. This year, we are taking things up a notch with an even greater variety of activities for everyone. Beginners to experts, high level to low level, anyone will be challenged. Are you ready?

Makers Area
Enter the maker mode and team up with up to four participants to participate in an inhuman race. Assemble and program your "biped robot" to cross our track. Only one team wins - Will you be the best?

Up for a challenge? Great, because we have six riddles in various difficulty levels waiting for you. Some will make you laugh; some may bring you to tears.

Stay tuned and come with energy because you are about to work out and compete with others. Who is going to be the fastest?

Please note: You must bring your own laptop to participate in the activities.

At the conference, to attempt the challenges, you must first accept the T&C

Terms and Conditions