As always, we're pushing you to your limits, and this year is no different. We have prepared a wide range of fascinating and challenging activities, from building amazing things using pen and paper to pwning custom GPT chatbots, hacking Smart Contracts, and many more...


Mini CNC Plotter: Build a plotter that replicates symbols using a pen on paper. Ready, set, create!


BlueGPT: This year, we decided to feature our own personal chatbot for navigating the conference. Feel free to ask it anything you'd like about the conference, the talks, and maybe about other things too.

Free Market: Presenting to you the best NFT Marketplace out there - "Free Market"! 🛒 We dare you to hack Joe the Merchant and become a legend.

Minesweeper: Playing Minesweeper is all about crunching numbers. Our version is still linear but requires a lot more number crunching. Don't tap out even if it's too hard. We appreciate your feedback!

Pong: Can you beat our game of Pong?

Simon: This game of Simon will test how well you think, rather than how well you remember.

MiniMath: In math, the way is often as important as the result - in this case: the shorter, the better!

Game of Life: The game of life is a beautiful way to illustrate evolution from a single state. In this activity, the only reward is the enjoyment of your own creation.

**Note: Bring your own laptop!