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Jan 23

Microsoft Israel R&D Center is one of only three Microsoft strategic centers outside of the U.S. Showcasing over 40 incredibly talented and diverse product groups, our Development Center is home to some of the company's most exciting and innovative technologies. Want to get to know us a bit better? We invite you to get a glimpse of some of our recent highlights and milestone moments.

Local Spot

Microsoft campus in Israel Family Event

Family Event @ Microsoft Israel R&D Center

We ate. We played. We learned. We got smothered in jam. And we had a blast! It all came together at our fantastic family event for Microsoft's research and development employees. Click below to see our super mommies and daddies in action, accompanied by the adorable successors to the throne (AKA "the bosses").

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New developments Featured Clothing

"Featured Clothing”: When AI Meets Fashion

One small step for machine learning. One giant leap for those who like to dress like Beyoncé. "Featured Clothing”, a new artificial intelligence technology developed by Azure Video Indexer data scientists at Microsoft, will automatically identify the most fabulous clothes in videos and allow fashion companies, publishers, and advertisers to tap into the most advanced contextual advertising capabilities available today. Click below to get the latest on this groundbreaking new technology.

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New openings New Openings

New Openings @ Microsoft Israel R&D Center

Looking to make your mark? Whether you're seeking a position at our Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Haifa, or Nazareth campus, and whatever your professional aspirations, be it software, engineering, product, research, and more- there's no better place to start than the Careers at Microsoft Israel page! Click below to view the full list of open positions and opportunities available at Microsoft Israel R&D center.

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"NIne state-of-the-art floors. 44K square meters. 315 conference rooms. Fourteen fully accessible showers. Two acoustic music rooms. The largest gym of any hi-tech company in Israel, and much, much more!"

#OnTour @ Microsoft Israel R&D Center

Nine state-of-the-art floors. 44K square meters. 315 conference rooms. Fourteen fully accessible showers. Two acoustic music rooms. The largest gym of any hi-tech company in Israel, and much, much more! Welcome to Microsoft Israel R&D Center- Israel's most sustainable building and Microsoft's most accessible campus in the world. Click below to get a spectacular inner and outer view of one of Microsoft’s most strategic global centers that develops life-changing, world-shifting technological innovations, right here in Israel.

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Articles Microsoft Ugly Sweater

The Microsoft Ugly Sweater: A Legend in The Making

What's ugly in an over-the-top fantastic way, originated from a humorous Facebook post and takes a twist on an American Christmas cliché? Naturally- the Microsoft Ugly Sweater! Click below to read more about the legendary story of how Microsoft's ugly sweater became a hot collector's item worth thousands of dollars and how every Xmas season its anti-fashion statement continues to be a statement in and of itself.

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Articles Book being read by a robot

Developing Reading Skills with New AI Technology

Amazing things happened this year at TechTlv- and we were there! Dr. Tomer Simon, Chief Scientist at Microsoft, talks about remarkable developments in the field of artificial intelligence and explains how Microsoft developed new AI technology that significantly develops reading skills. "Reading is one of the most critical skills for the development of students. Our latest AI technology gives them feedback on their reading skills on top of personal reading recommendations ", said Simon at Calcalist's TechTlv conference. Read more about our exciting innovation on

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Rankings Microsoft site in Herzelia

We Never Get Tired of Being #1!

For the fourth time in a row, Microsoft Israel R&D center is proud to lead Dun’s & Bradstreet’s annual workplace ranking, winning the #1 spot for “Top Tech Company to Work For” award for 2022. Click below to find out which companies made the prestigious ranking for the first time and how the high-tech crisis has affected the entire industry.

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"Everyone likes to think that the path to success means moving forward. But sometimes it’s the steps sideways or backwards that jumpstart our careers the most."

Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk

Past events Mothers and babies attending a tech baby event

Going Ga-Ga @ TechBaby 2022

Yes, there was crying. There were tears, hungry bellies, and constant diaper changes. But for our tech women on maternal leave, it all made for a magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Kudos to our super-mommies who brought their crown princes and princesses, got inspired, met, mingled, and went ga-ga with us at the TechBaby event hosted by Microsoft & Woman2Woman. Click below to see a group photo you don't see every day…

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"Be the best dressed at your holiday sweater party with the best looking paper clip on your sweater"

Past events Microsoft playground event

Embracing the Ride @ Microsoft Playground

What's innovative, entrepreneurial, and tons of fun? Naturally- Microsoft Playground! 2,700 developers at Microsoft Israel Research and Development presented the latest technologies at our annual November tech expo. Featuring multiple play zones showcasing over 20 of our product groups, this expo-style celebration of technology offered a rare glimpse into our exciting initiatives and projects. These included an all-new "Featured Clothing" AI technology, advanced Text Analytics for extracting medical information, and the "Feelings Monster" designed to support students in recognizing and naming their emotions. was on the scene to embrace the ride. Click here to get the whole scoop.

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"Imagine you're watching the NBA finals, its the last possession in the last game and your favorite player just scored a threesome that won the champion. Wouldn't it be great for an ad to pop up at that exact moment with a special sale on that player's jersey"

ILDC on Social Employee of Microsoft, Odel

Odel Kfiri Kadosh Inspires on Facebook

Odel Kfiri Kadosh has lived with Muscular Dystrophy since childhood. But that didn't stop her from becoming one of our most prominent software engineers in her four years at Microsoft. In light of the International Day for the Rights of People with Disabilities, Odel had a few suggestions and words of encouragement for organizations, businesses, workplaces, and anyone dealing with a disability. Click below to check out her inspiring post and to join in on the discussion.

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ILDC on Social In the podcast studio, Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk

Podcast With Microsoft Israel CEO Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk

"Everyone likes to think that the path to success means moving forward. But sometimes it’s the steps sideways or backwards that jumpstart our careers the most." Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk, the first woman to become the CEO of Microsoft Israel, shares her experience on Vered Ramon Rivlin's Influencers podcast: how she reached the apex of the Israeli and global tech industry, how to succeed in the face of opposition, and how to raise girls to be strong female leaders with a grit and growth mindset. Click below to follow Michal on LinkedIn and tune in to the podcast.

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Collage of TikTok images

Hey, We're on TikTok!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, here's some huuuuuge news out of the Microsoft Israel R&D Center- yes, we're talking about our all-new TikTok account! A new social media hub where our crew can take a break from the corporate vibe and go a bit TikTok. Click below to get in on the fun, and hey, maybe even follow us…

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Future events BlueHat IL logo

Changing the Game (Again) At BlueHat IL 2023

Hold on to your hat because BlueHat IL 2023 is gearing up to be bigger and better than ever! Once again, cyber-research revolutionaries, game changers, innovators, and industry thought leaders are preparing for a special edition of the largest technical cybersecurity conference in Israel, to be held for the 6th time in Tel Aviv, Israel. Click below to see how we succeed in drawing the world's brightest minds in security and how this year we're taking it to the next level!

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Future events Tech me there - Microsoft women's month'

Tech Me There: Pursuing A Future in Technological Education

As part of our year-long corporate commitment to promoting gender equality and the advancement of women, we're proud to present one of our most important and influential events: Tech Me There. Tailored to both general and underprivileged populations, this exclusive series of events for 8th-grade girls and their mothers was created with the goal of exposing young women to the fascinating world of global high-tech and encouraging them to pursue a future in technological education.

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Global Microsoft Climatech

Game-Changing Early Warning Technology Solution in Africa

Fantastic news came out of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, at COP27. Microsoft, in partnership with, the world leader in Weather and Climate Security, announced a partnership to support governments, businesses, and farmers in Africa to adapt to the growing impact of climate change. Click below to get the full story on this game-changing cloud-based early warning technology solution and newly established partnership in response to the call for action from the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. António Guterres.

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Global Microsoft Microsoft blogs

Get the Scoop @ The Official Microsoft Blog

Want to catch up on the latest insights and product news from around the tech world? To stay up to date with the industry's hottest trends and technologies? Microsoft's leaders, employees, and product teams await at one of the industry's most popular and informative corporate blogs! Click below to stay in the present, and the future, with the Official Microsoft Blog.

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local spot ChatGPT

Microsoft Israel Development Center: Getting It on with ChatGPT

When it comes to driving innovation on a global scale, Microsoft ILDC is no stranger to game-changing evolution. Click below to read more about how two of our most popular products, developed exclusively here at the Microsoft Israel R&D Center, are getting a radical upgrade thanks to the ongoing collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI.

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Global Microsoft AI-Powered

New Bing & Edge: Your AI-Powered Web Copilots

Who among us doesn't want to unlock the joy of discovery, feel the wonder of creation and better harness the world’s knowledge? Today we’re improving how the world benefits from the web by reinventing the tools billions of people use every day. Click below to read more about how we're taking search and browsing to the next level with the all-new AI-powered Microsoft Bing and Edge.

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Global Microsoft OpenAI

Microsoft and OpenAI Extend Partnership to Push the Boundaries of AI

Microsoft and OpenAI recently announced the extension of their long-term partnership to develop even more exciting advancements in cutting-edge AI technologies. The multibillion-dollar partnership will focus on creating new AI models that will help businesses and organizations make better decisions, improve customer experiences, and increase productivity. Click below to learn more about what the world can expect from this renewed collaboration.

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