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Eldar Sehayek
Senior Software Engineer, Video Indexer
Tech lead by day, neuropsychologist by night
Meet Eldar! An enthusiastic software engineer with years of experience working with C#.Net and Azure. Eldar loves dealing with software design, architecture, complex problem solving, and abstract thinking. He has over 10 years of experience developing web applications, Cloud services, and high scale processing pipelines. But that's not all..oh no…Eldar has over 16 years of experience studying and researching Human nature, Psychology, Neurology, Genetics, Behavioral Economics, and Philosophy. Eldar leverages his experience, skills, and knowledge in a self-initiated voluntary COVID initiative now known as project IDF 2 Tech. He assists young tech soldiers to start their careers in the high-tech industry by mentoring them on career planning, boosting their professional skills, and supporting them during challenging times looking for work. He loves what he does so much he often states his head is in the Cloud. Now that's funny. And true.
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