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Success Stories

The Microsoft Israel R&D Center Industry Outreach Team seeks to strengthen the Israeli high-tech industry and help drive the success of Israeli startups. Over the past few years, Microsoft Israel R&D Center has helped numerous startups both by helping them develop strategic partnerships with Microsoft and by helping them build their business and product through special Microsoft startup programs such as BizSpark One.


PrimeSense is an Israeli semiconductor company whose technology allows computers to perceive the world in 3D and derive an understanding of the world based on sight, just the way humans do.

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Soluto’s mission is to make PCs work the way they should, using advanced driver technology combined with collective user wisdom to identify the specific applications causing PC frustrations and how to solve the problem.

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Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid Analytics aims to deliver a BI platform that provides business users with the tools needed to gain insights about their business in a way that is natural, does not require any particular technical skills while allowing a depth of analysis comparable to the best applications available.

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