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Imagine you could get a fashion catalog that is not “one-style-fits-all”, but is customized to your sense of style. Your catalog would have all your favorite brands, colors and styles, and you could start shopping immediately! Bazaart makes this possible.

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CallApp re-invents communication. Its platform connects any phone to a universal crowd-source social contact book thus making any conversation exciting & productive by enhancing it with real-time, relevant info & tools.

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Cortica fundamentally revolutionizes how computers understand images by simulating brain function.
Our Image2Text technology identifies the core concepts in photos and videos in real time.
With Cortica contextual in-image products, images become interactive, actionable, highly engaging and social.

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Stevie turns personal social feeds (like Facebook and Twitter) into a personal broadcast television experience.

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flayvr is a simple and enjoyable way to re-experience and share life’s forgotten moments. flayvr automatically organizes photos and videos from your phone, turning them into magical, interactive, fun collections that are easily shared with others as HTML5 experiences.

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Magisto captures life experiences on video by stitching together ordinary clips and making them into unforgettable movies. Magisto makes it easy so everyone can share their best moments with family and friends.

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Mobli is a real-time visual media platform made up of subject-based channels such as people, places and topics. Mobli enables users to see the world through other people’s eyes and share their moment.

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Pixtr makes image improvement mainstream by 
focusing on the main objects in pictures - people. Pixtr uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms for tailored solution, it understands who you are - Where you are from, your age, likes and dislikes and improves your pictures accordingly.

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SmartGlass is an app that connects your phone, tablet or computer with your Xbox 360 and allows full control of games, movies, TV and the Internet to make your living room a lot smarter.

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RotaryView is a revolutionary platform for creating 360° interactive photography for online store owners, with no need for special equipment or knowledge of programming.
Using any digital camera or RotaryView’s iPhone app, 360° images are created in less than 5 minutes.

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The Microsoft accelerator for Windows Azure is a 4 month program aimed at helping out early stage startups doing big things in Cloud, Internet, and mobile.

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Windows 8 Devices

Microsoft’s brand new Windows 8 operating system showcased on a variety of state of the art, cutting edge mobile devices.

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Founded in 2011, Weboolu is a pioneer in multiscreen entertainment.

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twtrland offers a simple way to understand people by the content they share online.
For users it is a place to discover new people and understand their audience. For businesses, it is an easy path to identify and connect with opinion leaders in their space.
Serving 500k users a month.

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Vidit aims to recreate events and allow people to relive them. Using a unique video technology we've developed, Vidit collects videos taken by many people in a single event, synchronizes and edits them into one video of the shared experience.

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eMotion Technologies is an innovative startup, developing an Automatic Emotion Detection Platform for gaming and media.
We wish to change the way we grasp our technological environment and enhance the user's experience.

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Presenting a Brain computer interface which relies on high frequency flickering stimuli. The interface is implemented in a high detailed virtual environment.

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A wrist-worn sensor for freehand 3-D interactions on the move. The Digits prototype, whose electronics are self-contained, optically images the entirety of the user's hand, enabling freehand interactions in a mobile setting.

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Wilocity develops next-generation 60GHz multi-gigabit wireless chipsets based on WiGig and 802.11ad specs for the mobile computing and consumer electronics segments.

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Kinect Bridge

Kinect Bridge uses Microsoft Kinect skeleton tracking to enable real-time communication between hearing & speech impaired people and others who do not know American sign language.

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instruMagic creates music playing apps that everyone can play.
Songful, our latest, is a guitar app that makes it easy to play any song on your iPad.

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Mellanox Technologies is a leading supplier of end-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet interconnect solutions and services for servers and storage.

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A development of a simple device that measures pressure changes in the nose, and converts this into electrical signals.

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Fresh Paint

A Windows 8, modern style painting application that enables people of any age to release the artist within. A delightfully realistic paint app that acts like real paint ,when it should and even better than real, when you need it.

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Kinect for Windows

A video browsing application which enables the user to navigate between categories , play, pause and stop the various videos using either voice or hand gestures.

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Startupseed is is an NPO fostering and encouraging youth entrepreneurism in Israel in the fields of Internet, advanced technologies and hi-tech, through a variety of online and offline activities; all the while directing and channeling their technological knowledge and skills for the benefit of the community, our society and the country.

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Microsoft® BizSpark® is a global program that helps software startups succeed by giving them access to software development tools, connecting them with key industry players, and providing marketing visibility. The program also includes access to Windows Azure, a flexible, comprehensive, and powerful cloud platform for the creation of web applications and services.

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Arideas is a unique application designed to easily integrate the whole spectrum of digital content and images (including 3D!) into the printed media by connecting it to the mobile and social media experience, providing a new level of customer engagement.

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Out of the Box Week

Out-of-the-Box Week (OOBW) is an activity, used by Microsoft to foster grassroots innovation and creativity. All activities are canceled and teams are encouraged to explore their wildest ideas in a totally unmanaged process. In fact there are no rules, but one: at the end of this week all teams must display a working prototype.

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