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Being an integral part of the ecosystem around us has been a key tenet of Microsoft since its early days. There is a lot we can do as Microsoft employees, to bring about a meaningful change in the lives of people in Israel. Through the programs of "Do Good Feel Good" we reach out to support a variety of needs by using our best resource - our employees.

Microsoft employees can partake in 6 strategic programs. Each employee is granted 3 working days to spend on community activities. The fields of choice we focus on are: education; technology; innovation; diversity and giving. In addition, every year we hold Matching Gift - a worldwide program which allows each employee to donate up to 12,000 NIS each year and receive a matching grant from the Israel R&D center.

To read more about Microsoft's commitment to the community, visit Microsoft's Global site or Microsoft's Israel site

  • One time Volunteer Mission

    In Microsoft Citizenship, volunteering is one of our leading core values. As part of our community involvement, it is important we all take the time to get to know the society we live in, for all of its challenges and beauty.

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    The one-time volunteer program allows employees to help a social organization for a few hours, while having the opportunity to be exposed to the type of field work done day in and day out by the NGOs in our country.
    One-time volunteering takes place as a team activity, in groups of 3-50 people, making it a wonderful way to enjoy some valuable “team spirit” time!
    Types of activities include for example: renovation work, visiting elderly centers and club houses, serving hot meals in special restaurants, picking up fruit and vegetables, boxing food supplies and more.

  • A Different Lesson

    Children who grow up in weak socio-economic environments are not exposed to the range of stimuli and content that other children are.

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    “A Different Lesson” is a leading non-profit organization that promotes equal opportunity in education and the involvement of the public in the educational system. The organization brings volunteers from different professional backgrounds together with students from weak populations.
    Meeting volunteers allows children to learn of new fields and professions and dares them to dream of a different, better future for themselves.
    Volunteers enjoy meaningful interaction with the kids and the educational system, a challenging and highly satisfying experience. Volunteers have the opportunity to meet kids from different backgrounds, to taste the joys of teaching and enriching others, and to be exposed to educational activities.
    Past volunteers share: “This was a great experience; I never expected them to receive so much in just a few lessons”

  • Synergy

    This is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind program in which R&D managers become active board members in select NGOs, taking volunteerism to a whole new level.

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    Our managers bring their unique professional expertise and experience to the table, making them a valuable asset on the board of an NGO. At the same time, being involved with the NGO and the experience of being a board member provides our managers with new managerial experiences, exposing them to new managerial models and dilemmas and allowing them hands-on exposure to burning issues in Israeli society.
    The program is a joint effort between the R&D’s POC manager and our Community Affairs Manager.
    The program is entering its second round and has already made headlines for its unique model of volunteering. The initiative is done together with The Center for Lay Leadership of the JDC org. and zionot 2000.

  • Big Geek

    Start-Up Seeds is an NGO dedicated to promoting teenage software developers supporting a community of one thousand teenagers by providing them with enrichment activities and challenges.

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    The target group is the next generation of leading Israeli developers. They are energized in an environment of innovation, tech crazy, living partly virtually through their latest development.

    MS R&D is holding Big Geek marathons for their elite group – 24 hour marathons of development guided by R&D volunteers, 40 teens work as 8 teams on different projects for 24 hours straight, at the end of which they present running code. The marathons take place in our offices during Hanukah and Pesach. Moreover, an MS innovation conference exposes these teens to the new ground-breaking technologies developed by us, both here in Israel and around the world.

    Past volunteers share:
    “I was surprised from their commitment and what they managed to accomplish in only 24 hours!”

  • Girls for science studies

    Every year the number of girls choosing science studies as their high school major declines. Research shows the best point of influence is around the ages of 12-14, before entering high school.

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    This program aims to expose this age group to:
    1. Women role models who can share their first-hand experience
    2. The work environment within leading companies operating in Israel
    The program will host groups of boys and girls to learn tech and gender issues from engineers from a variety of leading hi-tech companies (Google, IBM, Intel, VMware, SAP). All together hundreds of teenagers will be exposed to the program.
    Our mission includes involvement in all parts of the program: developing learning material, recruiting volunteers and volunteering to host some of the meetings on our premises.
    In cooperation with HR Recruiting Department, program enhances the potential of a future pool of women candidates seeking tech positions.

  • KODU is making “Aliya”

    Someone once said programming is an ART but one only few can master. Well that person was not familiar with KODU.

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    This unique platform created by Fuse Labs rom the MS Research group is an amazing tool to play with, teach through, and develop on. And it has no boundaries yet. It’s directed for ages 5-90 and it pushes the limits of your imagination no matter how old you are.
    In bringing KODU to Israel we found a strong community partner in the “Israel Center for Excellence through Education“ to help us assimilate it here. The Center has defined creative thinking as a basic asset from which those who wish to excel will find their way. We will teach 6 graders the art of developing their own games and then playing them to win the 1st Israel KODU Cup. R&D employees will mentor teachers, oversee kids work and more.

  • MS IT and Academy for the Community

    The Third Sector in Israel includes tens of thousands of NGOs that assist millions of people each year.

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    Though this sector is highly skilled in providing services to populations in need, it is still lacking in its IT infrastructure and capabilities.
    Computer engineering students from universities across the country will implement their development skills to create tailor-made solutions for NGOs participating in the project. Working closely with the NGOs, the students will identify their needs, research the subject, and develop an appropriate tool. Microsoft volunteers will guide and tutor the students throughout the entire process – from research and planning, to implementation and integration.
    Best projects will be invited to participate in the Imagine Cup competition and perhaps win a dev. package to make their suggested solution a working product.

  • Give

    Answering social needs of Israel’s society is an integral part of our everyday programs.

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    GIVE campaign is an annual activity that brings together all R&D employees to experience and leverage their abilities to support others by participating in the unique activities directed to benefit the community around us.
    Through the MS matching program each employee can receive up to 12,000 NIS match for his/her annual donations. All donations are registered in an internal system and deducted from our salary and transferred to eligible NGOs. During campaign time we: expose employees to donation possibilities; auction items among ourselves to enhance donations; raffle items suppliers give us for the campaign; pay games and donate their costs; etc.
    Each year employees are gathered in a steering committee to make the campaign better, bigger, and collect more money than the year before.