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Citizenship Vision and Mission

Empowering future generations to achieve more through encountering science and technology.

Some of the future career paths of the 21st century have not yet been created. However, one thing's certain - they will most likely require an in-depth knowledge of technology. Microsoft and the Microsoft Israel R&D Center wish to be the generator that promotes these fields of knowledge and experience to a wide range of communities; students ranging from kindergarten to high school, teachers, parents and any other stakeholder groups that may help influence and shape a better future for our children. This mission is a cross company initiative to partner with governments, nonprofit organizations, academic institutes and businesses with a joint aim to provide opportunities to all youths so they may learn science and technology with a focus on computer science.

 Why computer science?

As technology has become an integral part of people's daily lives around the world, we're seeing a growing demand to teach youth not only how to use technology, but also how to create technology to help them become the innovators and drivers of growth in their communities.

The goal of computer science education is not necessarily, for everyone to become a computer scientist or a software engineer, but to enable all young people to learn this foundational subject and develop the computational-thinking and problem-solving skills that are crucial for their future. ​