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Research and Innovation

The Microsoft Research team at the Israel R&D Center is part of a worldwide team of more than 1,000 scientists and engineers working across multiple research areas in Microsoft's global research labs, making significant contributions to our products and collaborating on external projects that help solve global challenges. 
The team works on a number of collaborative projects that bring together the best minds in computer science to advance a research agenda based on their unique talents and interests. They are experts in various fields such as algorithmic game-theory, mechanism design, information retrieval, machine learning and other fields of computer science, all of which are necessary for building stones for such interaction models.

To learn more about Microsoft Research, go to: Microsoft Research


Advanced Technology Labs (ATL) Israel, is a unique group of engineers and researchers within Microsoft Technology and Research which focuses on delivering Natural User Interface (NUI) to make computers more personal.

ATL Israel generates and leads innovative ideas to develop breakthrough technologies, new algorithms, tools and solutions, from signal processing to new products that really push the envelope of Microsoft's products and services.