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Consumer Analytics

Personalization & recommendation algorithms leverage what you've chosen yesterday to improve the choices you make today and will make tomorrow. Here, at the Microsoft Israel R&D Center, we aim to acquire the deepest understanding of each user, by using the ultimate combination of collaborative filtering and artificial intelligence, so we may provide the best user experience possible.


Our work includes the design and implementation of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, by mining huge amounts of data and by creating large scale cloud-based services to drive impeccable personalization experiences.


The personal agent computing revolution is at our doorstep and Microsoft is at its forefront serving over a billion people around the world on numerous platforms. Microsoft's insight in this field is unique as it is built on a rare combination of the most accurate user profile, the most updated knowledge of the world (courtesy of Bing) and the context of use. 

This unique trinity provides our users with the ultimate personal computing experience.


To learn more our Consumer Analytics, go to: CortanaMS store