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Business Analytics

Here at the Microsoft Israel R&D Center, we always keep our customers at the top of our mind. That is why, when developing our analytic services, we put a huge emphasis on developing the most advanced business and development analysis tools.  


We understand that the formation of advanced predictive models, and application of cutting edge optimization techniques, as well as the communication of their results to our customers, can translate into enormous customer value in the business world. 

This is true both for customers that are developing applications or for customers that are engaged in their business' success. Our top teams of engineers use their vast knowledge and experience in a variety of cutting edge technologies such as machine learning, big data and many more, to develop analytics that enable our customers to identify problems early on, diagnose and solve them faster and continuously improve their services so they can become an integral part of their users' day-to-day routine.


To achieve this, we require a deep understanding of our customers and their behavior: What do they need? How does this service address this need? What is it missing? How can we get them to do more with us?

Agility is the key in responding to users and seizing market opportunities. With short cycles of Build-Measure-Learn, we can deliver incremental improvements, measure their impact and choose the next step.


To learn more about Microsoft's Business Analytics tools, go to: BIAIExcel