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About Us

"We must each have the courage to transform as individuals. We must ask ourselves, what idea can I bring to life? What individual life could I change?"

Satya Nadella. CEO, Microsoft


Microsoft's mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. it sets out to complete this mission by building the best-in-class platforms and productivity services for a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

The Microsoft Israel R&D Center is one of three strategic global development centers situated around the world. Our mission is to lead strategic products and services that realize Microsoft's vision, by tapping into Israel's unique technological & entrepreneurial assets.


How do we set out to achieve our goals? By making a difference and always looking on to the future. We are unique in thought, with a culture founded on a growth mindset. Innovation is in our blood. we constantly ask how we can go further beyond and create the next best thing for our customers. Our customers' needs are our beacon. We are customer obsessed. Always listening, always watching.

We are a collective of rare individuals - diverse and inclusive. We value differences. We seek them out and invite them in. As a result, our ideas are better, our products are better and our customers are better served. A place of work where collaboration and ingenuity meet everyday life with a smile and a perk. Our center is home to some of the company's most exciting and innovative technologies where the great minds of the local industry have a bed to grow and bloom.


Our joint endeavors with the local community are part of our strive to make a difference and achieve more. The Center's Academia and Community Outreach programs collaborate with excelling students and researchers as well as promote tech education among Israeli youth - making an impact on the future of individuals and our community as a whole. The local Microsoft Ventures Tel- Aviv team leads the company's support of the Israeli High-Tech community and manages the dialogue and connection between Israeli startups, VC's and Microsoft.


It has been 25 years since Microsoft founded its original R&D operation in Haifa, in 1991, harnessing Israel's deep technological talent pool and its thriving High-Tech community. Today, the center's activity is strategically situated in two main locations - Herzeliya and Haifa, where its charter and vision continue to constantly grow.